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Do You Need Legal Representation For Recent Car Accident

How To Determine If You Need Legal Representation For Your Recent Car Accident

Recent Car Accident

Recent Car Accident

Recent Car Accident in Orange County California? Those who are injured in an auto accident to no fault of their own are strongly advised to seek legal counsel or risk losing the compensation they deserve. Qualified injury lawyers in California can make the difference between just compensation and an unduly difficult recovery from automobile injury

Persons injured in auto accidents as a result of another’s careless actions have a legal right to be rewarded just compensation. The compensation such persons can receive may come in the form of a formal court based lawsuit, or in some cases as an out of court settlement. Only a qualified personal injury attorney with the right training and experience can guide the injured party safely through this process as there are many pitfalls and snags an unrepresented person may encounter without professional injury lawyer.

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Who Needs Representation in Auto Injury Cases?

There are just two instances where a person may be best advised to proceed with an auto injury case without consulting an accident injury law firm. They are No-Fault cases, and cases where the victim is already receiving the maximum amount of available compensation.

Persons injured in an automobile accident who live in a No-Fault state may not require representation. The no-fault law is designed to keep cases that fall below a certain level out the court system. Unfortunately, California is not a No-Fault state. Therefore, there is no chance of auto injury cases in California being handled as such.

What Can Legal Aid do for the Injured Party?

Car Accidents Orange County Ca.

Car Accidents Orange County Ca.

An accident injury lawyer will help the injured party to obtain the maximum amount of legal compensation available.

Invariable, insurance companies only pay to the extent of their policy limits. This means that in an instance where, for example, the party who caused the damage or injury has an insurance policy which offers a maximum settlement of $200,000, and the injured party has been offered that same amount- obtaining a more substantial verdict is unlikely to be of any use to them.

Any further compensation beyond the maximum would have to be collected directly from the defendant. Should the defendant have money or assets which the plaintiff feels he or she deserves, and it is worthwhile to pursue further compensation- this is an instance where a California car accident lawyer is best qualified to decide how to proceed. It would be difficult for persons untrained in law to proceed beyond a maximum insurance payout.

What to Do If An Individual Has Been Injured In A Recent Car Accident Car Accident:

When is Legal Aid Necessary After a Recent Car Accident Injury?

Some auto injury cases do not require legal aid. Victims of driver negligence can sometimes handle their cases easily with only the involvement of their auto insurance company, or with an out of court resolution.

Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyers

It can be difficult to discern when a case will and will not require legal aid. Securing a quality California car accident attorney can make all the difference between just compensation and no or inadequate compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can be extremely helpful in instances where the case is overwhelming to the injured party. Such instances include:

  • Injuries are serious, (or may become serious).
  • The injured party is uncomfortable negotiating with the claims adjustor.
  • The case becomes too complex to handle alone.
  • The injured party wishes to seek compensation for non-economic damages, or “pain and suffering.”

Where to Obtain Legal Representation In Orange County California

If you were just in a recent car accident collision or auto injury wreck and have injuries due to the vehicle accident. Contact a highly experienced Orange County Auto Accident injury lawyer who has helped numerous individuals in the Southern California region with compensation benefits for their injuries.

Those who need an accident injury lawyer for representation in an auto injury case should call a local Orange County law firm that has great experience in auto accidents. Individuals injured in auto collisions that need to find the best personal injury lawyer who meets the legal claim issues of that specific individuals accident injury case. Call to speak with an automobile injury attorney at: 1-714-265-7526

Many law firms will offer free injury lawyer consultation in some cases. A highly qualified auto accident injury lawyer in Orange County California can be found at: Auto Accident Lawyer Orange County