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Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash

Victim Rights Following a Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash

Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash

Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash – A car crash is an event that causes financial and bodily harm. The victim has remedies against the those who caused the traffic collision. They include the recovery of damages for pain and suffering via a personal injury lawsuit. The harmed person can assert damages against the insurance company of the one who caused the auto accident. However, before filing a lawsuit, a formal claim should be pursued with that insurance company.

Only an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of the claims process will be able to make a successful claim. To assert an action, the harmed party will need medical documentation of the injury, followed by actual course of medical treatment. If you are looking for a lawyer and need guidance in the meantime, consider the following:

In addition to filing a lawsuit, a number of rights exist for the benefits of the victim within the claims process. It is important to understand one’s basic rights even before hiring an attorney. By knowing these basic protections, you will be in a much better position to protect yourself until formal representation is obtained.

If you have been injured or know a family member who has been in a vehicle crash, consider the following.

You have the right:

  1. To hire an legal representation immediately;
  2. To refuse a recorded statement;
  3. To a copy of the police report (if the police responded);
  4. To know who hit you (otherwise it is a hit and run);
  5. To money to cover for medical bills (if injuries are the cause in fact and proximate cause); and
  6. To money for pain and suffering;
  7. To replacement car seats in the event a child was in the seat;
  8. To a rental automobile while yours is being repaired;
  9. To a trial by jury if the adjuster won’t pay.

Few examples of victim rights after a motor vehicle collision.

Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash

Injury Victim Rights after a Car Crash

Victim Rights after a Car Accident – Nothing can make up for having a law firm early in the claims process to provide sage advice about how to pursue your unique, individual case. So take the step toward obtaining professional help immediately. Delay can only cause problems for a person looking to seek a remedy for bodily harm. Once representation is obtained, the insurance company is not allowed to call you directly except for certain issues involving payment for property damage.

Legal advice is not something we need on a daily basis, but when the time comes, a car accident lawyer can offer some priceless insights to handle your case. A lawyer for car accident injuries will know the local policies in LA and will be best able to ensure your claim is filed on time. An experienced and successful car crash attorney will be able to lessen your anxiety while fighting for your damages, pain, loss of income, medical bills, any resulting disabilities or death resulting from someone else’s negligence.

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